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Beyond the Black Line (BTBL) is a joint wellbeing initiative between all Swimming State Associations, Swimming Australia (SAL) and the Australian Swimmers Association (ASA). It is a powerful program developed and delivered by swimmers, for swimmers.


The purpose of the program is to share experiences and normalise common issues faced by teenagers within our swimming community. Participants aged from 13 to 18 will gain insight into life as a swimming athlete, what to expect and how best to find their way along the pathway, as they grow and develop in the sport.


Key outcomes of the program include:

-      To provide a program to support and educate our swimmers beyond the traditional training and competition of swimming

-      Retention of athletes within the sport, specifically around the age of 14-17 years

-      Engage with, and retain former athletes within the sport (as facilitators)


The Program sees current and retired Dolphins engaging younger members of the swimming community through a 90 minute clinic. The clinics feature real life experiences from athletes such as Bronte and Cate Campbell, Bronte Barratt, Belinda Hocking, Kylie Palmer, Emma McKeon, Ellie Cole, Annabelle Williams, Shayna Jack, Minna Atherton, Libby Trickett, Sally Hunter, Jade Neilsen, Katie Goldman and Nicole Livingstone. The men's program currently features Cameron McEvoy, Brendan Hall , Grant Hackett, James Magnussen, Michael Klim, Ash Callus and Brenton Rickard.


Topics include:


Here is a small insight into the program:


Hosting a Clinic


If you would like to host a Beyond the Black Line clinic please visit our website


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