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The Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association(ASCTA) is proud to support members of the Australian Swimmers Association by offering a 20% discount for all coaching and teaching accreditation courses offered by ASCTA.

Whether you want to earn a qualification in swimming coaching, teaching swimming and water safety or simply up skill yourself to be better equipped at swim clinics, this is a fantastic opportunity to receive an accredited qualification recognised by Swimming Australia.

Visit the ASCTA website: for further information, course calendars and contact information for course administrators.


Please contact the ASA on [email protected] for details on how to receieve your 40% discount offer on Body Science products.


The Australian Swimmers' Association is proud to partner with leading athlete education and transition services provider The Final Whistle.

About The Final Whistle

'We are a team of successful athlete, corporate and industry leaders that understand the critical importance of successfully transitioning from a sporting career to a life beyond.

Through carefully considered online career development tools, we ensure aspiring, elite and transitioning athletes make a proactive transition from a world dominated by sport to new opportunities that allow them to lead fulfilling, confident and high-value lives both personally and professionally.

It is our ultimate goal to help each athlete articulate the transferable skills they inherently possess and by doing so empower them with a self-belief that they can succeed at whatever they choose.

We are passionate about managing the emotional journey that can come with the change and believe that finding a fulfilling career after sport is the best way to manage transition anxiety and ensure clarity of mind so our athletes can develop real and valued lives.'

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