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What is the ASA?

ASA is the representative body for competitive swimmers in Australia, and is a voting Stakeholder of Swimming Australia. Its objects include:

We continue to investigate ways to grow the sport for the benefit of all.

Executive Committee
The ASA structure is based on a ten member Executive Committee with a President and Vice President.  The Executive is responsible for overseeing the performance of the ASA and contributing to the development of policy and strategy for its future growth and development. The Executive controls and manages the affairs of the ASA and interprets and implements the Purposes and Rules regarding current and future activities. The Executive ensure that the ASA continues to focus on the issues which are relevant to its members.

The ASA office is managed by a General Manager, Daniel Kowalski.


The ASA has three categories of membership - Elite, Full and Associate Members. Elite and Full Members have full voting rights.
In order to be eligible to be an Associate Member of the ASA the swimmer must:

Elite Membership - An Elite Member is a recipient of the Georgina Hope Foundation Swimmers Support Scheme – Senior Elite Athlete Living Support.

Full Membership - A Full member is a swimmer who is a recipient of the Youth Training and Competition support or; a recipient of the Paralympic Swimmers Support Scheme.

Associate Membership - An Associate Member is/was a swimmer who:

a. Represented Australia in any one of the Olympic Games, Youth Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Pan Pacs, FINA World Long Course and Short Course Championships Open Water World Championships, Paralympic Games or IPC World Championships, World University Games, Australia A team, Mare Nostrum, Trans Tasman, Junior Pan Pac’s; or

c. Be a scholarship holder at a State Institute of Sport/

State Academy of Sport /Australian Institute of Sport; or

d. Have represented their State at a National or International level competition; or

e. Be a member of Swimming Australia’s Youth Team (Flippers squad); or

f. Have represented their Club at a State level competition; or

g. Have participated in Swimming Australia’s Summer Series event or BHP Biliton event

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