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Georgina Hope Foundation - Swimmer funding

The Georgina Hope Foundation Swimmers Support Scheme has been established through the generosity of the Georgina Hope Foundation to provide funding to support elite swimmers in their training and competition environments, to assist them in pursuing educational opportunities, and to provide relief in cases of hardship or misadventure.

The GHFSSS is established as an Incorporated Association in the State of Western Australia. In accordance with the Association’s Rules, the GHFSSS is governed by a Management Committee that will oversee the administration of the Scheme, review the performance of the Scheme on an ongoing basis to ensure its objectives are being satisfied, review relevant policies and make decisions on the allocation of funding as required.

The payment methodology is structured around six categories and is based off of FINA world rankings:

  1. Senior Elite Athlete Living Support (SEAL) – funding to provide cost of living support for senior elite swimmers.
  2. Youth Training and Competition Support – funding for the top twenty-four developing young swimmers with potential for international podium performance to assist in meeting their training, recovery, competition, rehabilitation or medical costs.
  3. Open Water Swimmers – funding support for the top four ranked male and female 10km open water swimmers in meeting their training, recovery, competition, rehabilitation or medical costs.
  4. Hardship, Misadventure and Discretionary Funding Program – funding to support targeted athletes who, through hardship, illness or injury are unable to compete at their optimum at national championships or international events.
  5. Paralympic Swimmers Support - funding support for the top ranked Paralympic Swimmers.
  6. International Performance Program – funding to reward performances for Olympic events only at the annual Benchmark International Event.

2017/18 Update

Swimmers and parents please note the GHFSSS Policy and qualifying times are currently being finalised and will be posted when approved.

If you require more information or believe you are eligible please contact the ASA office.

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