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Personal Excellence (PE Program)

Personal Excellence (PE Program)

The Swimming Australia Personal Excellence Program delivers education, preparation, and support for the personal and professional development of individuals both within their sport of swimming and outside of elite sports participation. Integrating education, career, and personal life with a high performance swimming career is a challenge, and the PE Program can assist.

The Personal Excellence (PE) program focuses upon three areas of an athlete’s journey:

 Dual Career – providing guidance to athletes to undertake formal and informal learning to promote a post-sport career and foster a culture of lifelong learning

Sport/Life – assistance identifying and enhancing transferable skills and competencies developed within the High Performance environment to positively deal with the demands and challenges of contemporary issues across sport and life

Progression preparing an athlete to successfully navigate their own HP pathway and be better equipped to make decisions that impact their performance in sport and life

Are you currently pursuing a career in swimming?  Do you sometimes feel as if there are not enough hours in the day to think about anything else but your training?  Have you ever had to put your studies and thoughts about alternative careers aside just to be able to give your all for sport?  You should have a look at what the Swimming Australia Personal Excellence (PE) program could do for you.  PE can help athletes pursue their personal development, educational, and career aspirations while not foregoing their sporting goals.  There are also ways to ensure that you have something to fall back on when your sporting career ends, either because you decide to retire or something unexpected puts you off track.  Being able to balance your life, making time for education or a professional career alongside elite sport, can even help you achieve your sporting goals. Many athletes report better performance in the pool when they are achieving in their lives outside sport. 

 How PE can assist you:


"The national PE (formerly “ACE”) program assisted me with achieving my educational and vocational aspirations without compromising my wish to explore athletic pursuits.  They provided me with great assistance (for example, assisting with time management, goal setting, and career counselling)." - Chris Fydler, Olympic gold medallist.

All Institute and Academy of Sport scholarship holders as well as Australia’s Winning Edge categorised athletes are eligible for free and friendly assistance from a PE advisor.  To find out more visit:



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