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Newly endorsed Swimming Rules

The following changes have been made, which are consistent word for word with FINA’s changes–

SW 2.1.6 (addition – renumber thereafter)

A disqualification for starting before the starting signal must be observed and confirmed by both the starter and the referee

2.1.6 (addition to wording – renumbered to 2.1.7)

The Referee shall disqualify any swimmer for any other violation of the rules that he personally observes. The referee may also disqualify any swimmer for any violation reported to him by other authorised officials. All disqualifications are subject to the decision of the referee.

SW 2.6.3 (Change/wording change)

In individual events of 800 and 1500 metres, each an Inspector of Turns at the start or turning end of the pool shall record the number of laps completed by the swimmer in his lane and keep the swimmer informed of the remaining number of laps to be completed by displaying "lap cards". Semi Electronic equipment may be used, including under water display.

SW 6.1 (Addition to rule - backstroke)

Prior to the starting signal, the swimmers shall line up in the water facing the starting end, with both hands holding the starting grips. Standing in or on the gutter or bending the toes over the lip of the gutter is prohibited. When using a backstroke ledge at the start, the toes of both feet must be in contact with the end wall or face of the touchpad. Bending the toes over the top of the touchpad is prohibited.

SW 6.2 (Addition of new rule – backstroke. Renumbered thereafter)

When a backstroke ledge is being used, each inspector at the starting end shall install and remove the ledge after the start.

SW 7.1 (Addition to rule – breaststroke)

After the start and after each turn, the swimmer may take one arm stroke completely back to the legs during which the swimmer may be submerged. At any time prior to the first Breaststroke kick after the start and after each turn a single butterfly kick is permitted during the first arm stroke followed by a breaststroke kick. 

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